Our Dreams are Alive

emayvilleswim.JPGA dream, a desire, a goal is not just a destination, an end point we can aspire for and go to. It’s alive – it’s a state of being. It’s dynamic – we can shape it with our presence. It responds to us. We learn from each other.

What we are really wanting underneath all we are hoping for is to experience something…bliss, peace, joy, freedom, stability, anything that we equate to fullness. If experience is what we are actually longing for, what we’ll take us in that state is also experience – being in each consecutive present moment.

If joy is what we are aspiring for, we should find joy in each waking moment of our life. We should identify when we are feeling joyful, what makes us feel joyful – so we can follow the trail it leaves behind for us, so we can find our own way back to ourselves.

I think it’s what they meant by “Follow your bliss”. It’s not for us to take a sudden leap of faith, diving head first. It’s not even asking us to take a leap at all. We are simply being encouraged to take baby steps and follow the little footprints it leaves us along its path – the footprints our higher self leaves us. Eventually, we realize, that our dream destination/experience is actually a patchwork of those little moments of joy full of colors, textures and shapes offering warmth to the world in its own way.

Eventually we realize the cliche that our dreams happen right here, right now and not in some distant space we can’t access yet.

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