Put your truths on the table

book emayville

Don’t do it again. Don’t do what you always do everytime you fall in love. Don’t throw away your hardest truths out the window in the guise of “going with the flow” or thinking there might be “better” options for you on how to go through life. This is your life – your one and only. No one knows better how to live it other than you. Don’t hand the power over to someone else again. For heaven’s sake you don’t deserve that – the other person doesn’t deserve that.

Once you see yourself again with someone you think you can probably build share a life with, do the brave thing. Open up that conversation. Put your truths on the table.  That’s what grown-ups do. Lovingly tell this person what matters to you, what brings you joy, what you aim to create on this earth with how much time you still have left. Don’t doubt yourself.

If the  person runs away after that – then good riddance! You won’t have to waste away both of your time dancing on ice that might eventually break and drown you whole. On the other hand if the person chooses to stay, then you can proceed further and share more of yourself. Don’t open the floodgates at the first signs of chemistry.

You can only build a solid foundation with someone else if you honor your truths first, if you bring your entire world forward. Lovers abandon you eventually because you step into relationships abandoning aspects of yourself by the door. You don’t enter whole.

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