Distant shores, waves crashing

girlhairshortWe don’t always get a “memo” when we end up not having what we were hoping for, including those mostly-protected longings of our young heart.

Sometimes, things just don’t pan out. They don’t materialize. They retreat from our reach

No matter how hard we work for them. Despite our best intentions. No matter how much we convince ourselves they must stay. No matter how beautiful the memories were or how promising our visions are.

We won’t always know why. No matter how long we wait. No matter how hard we meditate or work on ourselves, hoping to get better…to become wiser, more prepared for the clarity. Sometimes people, things, situations just fall off our life journey because they no longer align with our truths or where we want to go. We can’t always the answers we are seeking for. But we have to move forward, nonetheless.

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