When things are falling apart in your life, ask this question


“What is going right in my life?”

Do not take shortcuts. Really take a pause and take a good look at your life. How do you feel? How are things flowing and in which direction? What new things have you discovered about yourself and about life?

Here are my answers:

  1. I am finally listening to my wiser self more calmly now. I hear the voice of the woman inside me who’s already lived her life and is now only looking back at it. She knows exactly what is true for me. She knows exactly what I need.
  2. This life journey is about self-discovery above all. That’s why it’s always working FOR us and not against us. However the path bends and seemingly breaks us, there’s always something new to learn about ourselves.
  3. When you lose yourself, you lose everything. No amount of love and support from the external world can fill the void that you will feel. Only you have the power to fill your own cup in all infinite abundance.

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