Humor Has It


I had, what you can call, a bad jinxed day yesterday. It wasn’t categorically bad, but things just decided to go wrong in the same day.

Still feeling sleepy and tired from the Monday’s chaos, I stepped inside the bus with zero cash in my wallet. I had to scream and stop the bus so I could get off and go to the nearest ATM.

I wanted to comfort myself so I went to my favorite breakfast place for a take-out. They poured ketchup on my sausages, instead of serving it separately. Never happened before. Food was too salty, obviously.

I started having a feeling it’s gonna be a weird day for me.

I went to the office and decided to make a cup of chocolate drink to match my breakfast. I accidentally broke the lid of the sugar container as I was opening it. Embarrassed and astounded at my bad luck, I kept it a secret and thew the broken piece in the bin. I went back to my table with my cup.

With a cup of chocolate drink on one hand I turned on my laptop. For the next ten minutes or so it wouldn’t connect to the wifi. I turned it off to see if it’s gonna fix the issue. My laptop started blinking with a prompt  “automatic repair is not possible” sign, or something like that. I didn’t even know it was broken. I just couldn’t connect to the wifi.

I thought, maybe, I had to slow down and enjoy my breakfast. So I did.

After a few tries it turned on normally. A tech guy also came over to me to help me resolve the wifi issue. Things were getting better again, I supposed. Although at the back of mind, I was still  expecting to see a few more “tricks” comin’ out of the hat.

I was wondering if there’s anything I did that jinxed my day. Was I not vibrating at a high frequency? My guru self, asked. Why am I attracting all these unfortunate, albeit small, matters?

I didn’t get my answer the first time I asked.

I went through my day. It was a rather busier day than usual for me and my team. Surprisingly I kept my cool the entire time. I wasn’t even bothered when I had to work after office hours.

The last email was sent and I was finally heading home.

On my way I decided to check my inbox. I didn’t always do that but I happened to feel curious so I did.

It turned out that the last email I sent has been sent to the wrong person with the same name. I copied the email addresses from my colleague’s first email. He has obviously gotten the two guys mixed up. I knew I should take it seriously ’cause it’s unprofessional and embarrassing – but I couldn’t help but let this crunchy loud laughter come out of me (it’s still here inside me, by the way). My old self would have brooded over it for the next days and maybe, even weeks. But now I just thought it’s funny!

Then I got my answer to the question I posed earlier in the day.

Humor was the answer. It’s found its way to the surface of my everyday life again. I have remembered that when things go wrong, especially if it’s only in small doses, almost always it’s actually funnier than disappointing.

And hey – we all get tired,  we forget things sometimes, we make mistakes. It’s okay, ’cause almost always there’s something we can do to make it right again. What matters the most is that we get up and go on with our day, with our life again. Sometimes all it takes is some humor to realign our perspective and get us back on track.

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