Co-Creating Fields of Love

Nothing feels as good as when one is in the company of other self-loving people.


The love you have inside, the love you’re capable of perceiving and receiving gets amplified to heights you’ve not even conceived of.

You need not even think how you’re gonna give back, the exchange of love is automatic. There is no issue of codependency, of not giving enough or giving too much, or of not having your needs met. The sum of the love you create altogether is so much more than what each of you has on her/his own.

If it can be translated materially, I’d describe it as the process of creating layers and layers of nourishing, multidimensional atmospheres or fields of energy that wrap the entire planet.

The love we create ends up nourishing us in ways we could never possibly do on our own.

Without a doubt, this can literally create an entire new planet, an entire new reality. No wonder why learning how to love ourselves is the single most important work we could ever have.

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