Fall in Love with Your Life

If we could just be happy with our life, maybe we could influence those we cross paths with to be happy with theirs, too.


This gem just dawned on me as I walked out of the house yesterday. I think no matter where we are in society and what kind of life we have, most of us feel dissatisfied in one way or another, although not with the same intensity. Each of our insecurities can stir another’s even without any deliberate exchange.

Our satisfaction and joy in our own life is an affirmation of the goodness of living. When we’re in love with our own life, we are indirectly reminding others of that goodness that they may have forgotten. Being happy with our life is a testament to our faith – that all things conspire for us and that we are here because we matter. Living this way makes us more willing to show up in our own life and participate in world-making, or as they call it, co-creation. 🙂

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