Everyday Alchemy


As I was mindlessly cleaning my bedroom yesterday, I posed this question to the Universe again, the same question I’ve been asking for months now –

“Why have I been getting rejections lately? Why have you been roadblocking me?”

Instead of the radio silence I usually get, a clear answer got this time –

“This entire journey has begun precisely because you were vibrating on a high note of rejection. You were in pain because you felt rejected and this pain bled into all areas of your life, clouding your perception and blocking you from love.

I gave you more of it so you’ll learn more about it; so you’ll know what it’s really about. By going through it again and again, by now probably you’ve already learned that it’s not as powerful as you originally thought it was. In fact, it doesn’t have power over you at all.

It doesn’t define you. By now you probably know that rejection is pretty meaningless on its own, the only thing that matters is your interpretation of it.”

Suddenly, it all made sense to me. Comparing how I feel about rejections now than when I started this spiritual journey, I have come full circle. Until a few weeks ago, I had been hyper sensitive about being rejected to the point that every little comment or gesture made me feel rejected, regardless of whether they’re really about me or not.

I nursed the pain and felt more and more like a victim. I harbored resentment. I blew situations up. I was a walking tumor; a bomb that could explode anytime, anywhere.

This is one of life’s many ways of healing us; of exorcising all our burdens. This is life walking us through the painstaking process of discovering the truth about ourselves – how indestructible we are to our core.

Isn’t that what healing is all about? Walking through the illusions of who we thought we were and shedding all the untruths as we go. Healing is that place we arrive at when we’ve completed this process of cleansing. Isn’t life all about experiencing this process again and again?

It doesn’t make sense while we are in the journey. All we want is to make it through as soon as possible – which always means, NOW. None of us is certain even about our own journey – how long it’s gonna take and the twists and turns that could happen along the way. This uncertainty usually makes us resist more.

Eventually we’ll realize that the more we resist, the more we prolong our healing and the more we block off the guidance being sent our way. The answers we seek will get through us once we’re ready to receive them; once we have completed the transformation that awaits us.

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