How big is your Faith?


Someone advised me to take a particular jeepney (a public utility vehicle in the Philippines) to the venue of the event I recently attended. She made it clear that this route would directly pass by the building. I won’t have to walk towards it. I can save time.

I found the jeepney she was talking about. I got in and was happy to be on time for the event. I told myself I could relax.

Until we reached an intersection. The red light was on.

Suddenly I was filled with doubts – “It doesn’t look like this jeepney is gonna pass by the building. What if it doesn’t pass by and instead of heading straight it turns left? I would have to walk further then than if I get off now and walk instead. Should I get off now?”

And so I did.

The lights went green as soon as I stepped out. I walked towards the sidewalk and stopped to confirm whether my decision was right.

That’s when I saw the jeepney going straight ahead, passing by the building I was gonna go. I end up walking further when I didn’t have to walk at all. I was late for the event.

My higher self whispered to me, “Really – is this how big your faith is? Look – this IS how big your faith is.”

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