Independence is Self-Care


Everyone of us should have some kind of outlet – something that helps in cleansing our thoughts and emotions on a regular basis. I used to always have at least one girlfriend who I shared everything with. Surely, it was helpful and fun especially when you’re young. However, there came a time when I couldn’t dive into my own thoughts and feelings anymore on my own ’cause I got so dependent on doing it with another person.

It’s almost been a while since I’ve stopped being dependent on someone else in processing my thoughts and emotions. Now I have my spirituality, my writing, my visual art and my workout as my buddies.

I talk about everything under the sun with my significant other but it doesn’t mean I can just dump him all the nitty-gritty parts like I used to do with my girlfriends way back. I know better now. Humans can only take so much. We have to find other ways to express ourselves and support ourselves especially during rough times. It’s also part of our growth – we become more self-aware and resilient by knowing how to go through this on our own.

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