It also feels nice to be sad with someone you Love


You’ll know you’re in the presence of someone who loves you when you feel the freedom to show them you’re a mess while saying “Yes, I am sad.” Period. Of course, you would discuss the reason why, with your full sad puppy face on. But you don’t have to explain more than the bare details. They would understand completely why you’re feeling that bad. They would, of course, try to brainstorm with you with the intention of cheering you up and because they really want to help you out, too. This definitely helps.

Although, sometimes, what helps you more is the fact that there is someone who is comfy enough to join you and look at you in your momentary sadness, without wanting to take you to optimism paradise in an instant.

The conversation can move further, naturally. You may start talking about other shitty things that happened to you or to those you know, you can even talk shit together to let steam off, you can even make fun of yourselves and the situation. Eventually, you’d just end up seeing yourselves laughing together at your private wicked conversation.

Then you realize, the goal  here is not to achieve a spotless life where nothing ever goes wrong, but instead, it’s about building your  life surrounded with people that help you go through all the ups and downs and the merry-go-rounds of life and always coming out stronger, wiser and with a bigger and deeper heart!

Working on happiness is not just a solitary activity. Happiness can be achieved using teamwork, too!  We should do whatever works for us. Sometimes, we can only achieve it on our own, in the stillness of our own presence. Other times, we need the help of others, too, because after all, we’re on the same boat here.

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