Healing ourselves – Root Chakra issues

I haven’t written in a while. My life’s been a whirlwind lately since I started working in a new start-up company. I have been learning everything by doing; I have been traveling and meeting new people as well. In addition to my already demanding work schedule, certain personal things came up as well, stuff regarding my family, in particular.

In the midst of all these, I found myself suddenly complaining about a lower back pain that won’t go away for weeks. At first I supposed it was mostly due to sitting all day at work. I then started using the standing desk more but still the pain persisted.

My intuition told me it could probably because I was having issues related to my root chakra. I have found out that the root chakra was about feelings of security and stability. Once we’re imbalanced in those areas, we would inevitably have issues with our root chakra/lower back region.

I immediately did a chakra balancing meditation, with emphasis on my root chakra. As always when I’m doing chakra balancing meditations/healings, it was intense and my body would produce this uncontrollable movements that lasted for a few minutes.

I thought that would immediately solve my problem. It didn’t.

It kept on for a couple of weeks more. Until finally just this week, it stopped.

Now, I’m wondering what exactly have I done to stop the pain. Nothing has changed with my routines or my work place. To be honest, the answer didn’t intuitively come to me. But somehow I think I was able to make some concrete actions/decisions recently which enabled me to bring my energy balance back.

Probably, because I was able to create healthy boundaries again (at work and in my personal life). I was able to shift my attitude from worrying and feeling helpless to feeling certain that everything’s happening because they should and that things have actually been falling into place all the time and not falling apart. I was also able to shift my internal dialogue from telling myself I was not good enough, that I couldn’t meet the demands of my life, to telling myself that nobody can ever make me feel less without my consent. I also became more assertive and protective of my needs again.

It’s definitely helpful to meditate and undergo different kinds of healings but these practices alone will not enable us to materialize the changes we want to happen. Our decisions and actions are still the key. Without them, nothing can be set to fruition. Pain lets us know that we’re doing something wrong and/or we’re holding thoughts/emotions that aren’t true/healthy for us. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to shift our attitude and be decisive in supporting our own best interests and correspondingly heal our body pains/illnesses in the process.

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