When you feel stuck, Soar Above


I’ve been muddling over a particular family issue lately. Well, the same issue has been around for decades. It was just recently that it came into the front seat again, demanding immediate attention.

I didn’t know what to change about my perspective towards it so I can move forward. I felt like I’ve tried all the ways that I thought would work.

So I meditated and this is what I got:

First and foremost, and this really comes as a warning in bright red letters: Don’t go to the bottom of things. Don’t go deep into the roots. Doing so would only lead you back to the past and all the distortions with it. There aren’t really any bottom or roots to go back to. This is just an illusion.

Your power lies only in the present. Do your very best to stay there – where you are RIGHT NOW. Don’t condemn it, don’t feel embarrassed or guilty because of it. Know and appreciate that where you are is where you should be, that the only way forward is through and not over.

Second, instead of going to the bottom, soar above. Reach for that state where your higher self is. There you would have a wider perspective. There you would find all the clarity that you need. There you would see that things are constantly falling into place. There you would find peace, love and joy that are there and always have been for all eternity. There you would feel the most comforted. There you would know the next best steps to take.

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