Shift our lives and maintain balance with the power of Focus


I am at a point in my life now where I can say, I am centered. I am fully contented with who I am, who I am with, where I am, what I am doing and what I have. This doesn’t mean that I have no more desires to go further, experience more and have more.

It only means that I know that where I am is where I should be. I am in the right path, therefore, I am moving in the right direction. I am in alignment with my truth.

It hasn’t always been like this. A few years ago, (not very long, actually) my life was in chaos because I was disconnected with myself. I wasn’t listening to my spirit. I was going after things that I really didn’t want but believed that I should be wanting because others have expected me to do so. While it’s true that by doing that I have learned a lot and I have expanded massively as well, it also burned me out.

When we are not following the desires of our heart according to our natural gifts, whatever we do won’t give us the joy that we deserve.

We can do amazing things, achieve amazing milestones, give so much in the name of service, but if these things are not in tuned with our truths, we are gonna burn ourselves out eventually. We are also gonna attract experiences and people that are not really meant for us. Overall this would make us feel more and more disconnected with ourselves. We would feel like the life we have created is not the life that we wanted. We would feel trapped and lost.

I would say that Focus has helped me a lot in shifting my life in the direction that I wanted it to be. Focus meant that I would have to exclude EVERYTHING that didn’t resonate with who I was and who I wanna become.

This meant abandoning jobs, projects, relationships, habits that didn’t support me on this journey. I had to constantly say No to many things and people in my life that I thought were meant for me but really weren’t. Eventually by continuously doing this my path cleared up. I had more clarity on who I was and what I really wanted, what really gave me joy.

If the first step was about weeding out my life experience, my next step was to use the power of Focus in going forward in my path which has just recently been clarified and is continuously getting more clear.

I chose the options that while may not be the easiest ones to take, I was sure that they would move me forward in the direction that I wanted to go. Both gradually and suddenly, the right opportunities came to me. I have invited them to my life because I decided to have an open attitude. I constantly asked myself, “What if I don’t limit myself with my fears? What if I keep on saying yes to life?”. If I didn’t have this open attitude, opportunities would come and I would have just let them go. If I let my fears and self-doubt get in the way, I would not have even believed that these opportunities really came for me. I would have looked the other way. I would have denied them. I would have pushed them away.

And that’s when the magic happens. When we are clear with what we want and we are open to receiving them, manifestation would simply become a normal, conscious aspect of our life. It’s not only that we get what we want but the things that we don’t want gradually disappear for as long as we maintain our alignment with our truth.

Now I feel constantly supported. All the assistance that I need come to me at the right time and in the best ways. I get better in recognizing these unlimited kinds of assistance, too. Exciting things started happening. I continuously meet people who are kind and helpful, who see me and value me and what I offer. While there are definitely still times when I feel low, I wouldn’t sink now no matter how low I get. With the help from the Universe and all the beings who support me, I am able to keep myself afloat now no matter how strong the storms in my life happen to be. The storm passes faster now as well.

The third step would be is to maintain our status of being in alignment with ourselves through, again, the power of our Focus. What we focus on grows. We perceive and experience more of it. If we keep our focus on the things that we want in our lives, we will get more of them.

On a daily basis, I focus on all the help, the yes-es that I’m getting. I focus on magic, I focus on miracles. I focus on the subtleties of life. I focus on what I don’t see but what I know to be true. I focus on kindness, I focus on beauty. I focus on what’s healing. I focus on freedom. I focus on what’s good, in all the things I am grateful for. I focus on the fact that I am always taken care of. I focus on the fact that all is well.

I slip out of peace, of course, and move into the shadows of fear, from time to time. But when I shift myself from a place of fear to a place of gratitude and being one with Spirit, I am able to bring my center back. It’s amazing how feeling grateful can take us to a higher place.

I would say that Focus is really our anchor to Spirit. Let our seeking through the power of focus guide us to where we wanna be; where there is peace, love and joy, to where all our desires collide.

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