Discernment in relationships

I just wanna leave a quick note about the importance of being able to judge well when it comes to the people around us and the relationships that we allow into our lives.

Not to sound pessimistic, but I believe that most people express their interest with us and what’s going on in our lives simply because they are curious and not really because they genuinely care. Yes, genuine concern comes with good intentions and best wishes, but above all, it comes from a place of active participation. A person who genuinely cares will send their energy of love and peace to you whether you choose to keep them updated or not with regards to your life. A curious person, on the other hand, will just ask you for information as if they’re filling up a survey. Sometimes you would even feel a tinge of competitiveness in them. They want to know what’s up in other people’s lives, especially if they’re peers, so they can compare their lives with them. They could also be simply curious. They choose to pay much attention to the lives of others.

In our current society where our connection and disconnection with each other is just a click away, we must be wiser. We must train our powers of discernment. Especially for us, the sensitive types, we must learn how to create healthy boundaries. We must know what and who to let into our experience because not everyone will replenish our energy. Some people would only suck the life out of us. Some people don’t know how to give. Some people can’t. Sometimes we don’t want to take or we don’t need what they’re willing to provide us with.

It might look harsh at first when you start to filter out which ones you’re gonna let inside your world. But trust that it’s for your own good, and for everyone else’s, too. We must be able to be assertive enough to say when energies and intentions simply don’t fit. This way we can use our energy in activities and relationships that are truly inspiring and productive.

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