Meeting my second animal guide – The Owl

I felt inspired to follow my dream and meditate about cleansing my soul this morning. I found this meditation music on YouTube which was just perfect for my intention.

It’s late at night, the full moon is up. I found myself sitting in a lotus position inside a cave, with a lit candle in front of me. An old man was making the music from the bowls. He was also in a way served as a guide for me while I was inside a cave. I sensed that I was in a time where people valued the caring of the soul and there were these places (usually caves) where people go to where they can work on their souls. There were these old men who act as protector of the individuals who were meditating inside. There was no time limit, you can meditate through the night.

At first, I was just staring at the candle. I saw it melting slowly, at a usual place. Suddenly, I felt the impulse to take the light of the candle into my hands. I raised my hands up and looked at it more closely. I put the fire closer to the candle and melted it completely. After that, I made these hand gestures as if I was sculpting the fire and the wax together into a ball. Eventually all the wax melted and just the ball of fire remained.

Eventually, I found the impulse to enter the ball of fire. The colors changed from yellow to blue to red. Then I exited the ball into the outer space. I sat on a rocky planet like the moon and just stared the ball of fire floating on space. I entered the ball of fire again and went back to my place inside the cave. I held the floating ball of fire in front of my face and made it bigger. I put the fire into my head and let it swirl there. My head was completely inside the ball of fire. My eyes were open.

Suddenly a furry/feathery being appeared in front of me. The image wasn’t clear at first. I just saw the black fuzz surrounding the big eyes staring at me. I felt fear at the beginning but I realized that it was not my own fear. It was the being’s fear I was feeling.

Eventually the fear became curiosity. The being completely revealed itself to me. It was not a furry animal. It was an owl.

The owl said that he followed me through the light that I was playing around with. He told me he’s always in the dark but he is actually fascinated by the light. He got curious when he saw I was doing something with the fire in my hands and my head.

He scribbled something on the rock where the candle used to be. It’s just a sequence of straight lines. He told me I could read it, I just didn’t believe so.

I asked what he can offer me in exchange so we can mutually transform ourselves. He said, he can accompany me in the darkness. He said that he liked to observe the shadow creatures in the dark because he is curious about them. Out in the light, you can see everything that you can. It’s easy for everyone to see in the light.But not everyone has the tenacity and guts to observe in the dark. People get easily uncomfortable so they choose to ignore it.

He said that shadow creatures didn’t really have their own power. They cannot go harming out other beings. Their power was mainly defensive. If you consciously tried to hurt them, kill them or become aggressive towards them then they can lash at you. But if you just observed them, they won’t feel triggered. Observation couldn’t affect them.

He also said that they can only harm those who were lost in the dark, who dipped so low in their vibrations that they sunk into the dark. Darkness was like a limbo and if you dip so low, you can get lost there.

On the other hand, if we consciously observed these shadow beings, we were coming from a different dimension, a different place, a different frequency. We were not lost. We knew where we are grounded. So we can safely observe them without being harmed.

He said that as we observed them, as we waited, we’ll see the truth underneath these shadow beings. There really was nothing evil underneath them. He said that he would best describe what was inside them as emptiness. They’re hollow. We created them by feeding them.

The owl said that that’s what he can give me in return. I will teach him about transforming energy, playing with the light and he will accompany me in the darkness to learn more about the nature of the dark and the shadow beings. I said yes.

Now I have found a partner that can guide me as I explore my own darkness and shed my own light into it.

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