Embrace the path of self-actualization,
allowing your unique energy to illuminate your life, to illuminate the world.

If you are seeking clarity
If you are longing for fulfillment
If you want to come out and spread your light
If you’re unsure how to proceed –

You’ve come to the right place. You are welcome here.


You, the traveler, are the light to your path. The point is not to go the distance. Your power lies in the here and now. The point is to find wholeness and fulfillment where you are, to reconnect with your heart and flow.


I’m, Daena de Guzman – a fellow traveler!
I’m an energy reader, poet and visual artist from the Philippines.

My intention is to ignite the light in others as I nurture mine, by guiding my fellow travelers on their life paths. After all, we are merely walking each other home. My own journey has led me to develop my intuitive and creative abilities. I spread light through my creative work and insights.

My intention is for you to gain not just more awareness, but also more appreciation for who you are, for the life you are co-creating and all the elements that are shaping it, including those you perceive as obstacles.

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